The Collected Works of Shinran

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Welcome to ‘The Collected Works of Shinran‘. (Translated, with introductions, glossaries, and reading aids, by Dennis Hirota (Head Translator), Hisao Inagaki, Michio Tokunaga, and Ryushin Uryuzu) As of June 16th, 2001 all texts of Vol. I (Shinran’s Writings) have been uploaded and are ready for viewing. The Glossary of Shin Buddhist Terms which is found in Vol. II (Introductions, Glossaries, and Reading Aids) is presently available from the drop down menu on each page.

Many thanks to Rev. Yuho B. Van Parijs for his incredible dedication to input the entire Collected Works of Shinran manually.

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December 17, 2107
I wish you all a safe, happy holiday season and new year. May the teachings of Shinran Shonin light the path you walk and the Dharma you seek. Namu Amida Butsu.
In gassho,
Rev. Diane Jishin Dunn

December 17, 2017 (NEW)
It was recently brought to my attention that there is some missing text within the website. Pages (from the printed version) 456-469 from the “Notes on Essentials of Faith Alone” are missing. I will be correcting this as soon as possible. Apologies for not noticing this omission before now. I trust that your path on the Nembutsu remained unhindered!

In gassho,
Rev. Diane Jishin Dunn