Collected Works of Shinran

Prefatory Hymns 1-2

Let Amida’s virtues be praised
for a hundred thousand kotis of nayutas of kalpas,
by tongues a hundred thousand countless kotis of nayutas in number,
each tongue producing countless voices,
and still those virtues could not be exhausted.

The Sutra of Praise of the Pure Land
Translated by Tripitaka Master Hsüan-tsang

Hymns of the Pure Land


Those who truly attain shinjin
As they utter Amida’s Name,
Being mindful of the Buddha always,
Wish to respond to the great benevolence.


Those who say the Name while they doubt
The Vow beyond conceptual understanding
Attain birth and abide for five-hundred years
Vainly within a palace; so it is taught.

It is stated in the Gathas in Praise of Amida Buddha by T’an-luan:


Interpreting the title, I call this work An Appended Scripture on the Buddha of Immeasurable Life. In praising Amida, it also refers to the land of peace.

Since attainment of Buddhahood, ten kalpas have passed;
The Buddha’s life indeed has no measure.
Dharma-body’s wheel of light pervades the dharma-realm,
Shining on the blind and ignorant of the world; hence, I bow in homage.

Further, Amida is called:

1 Immeasurable Light
2 True and Real Light
3 Boundless Light
4 Enlightenment of Nondiscrimination
5 Unhindered Light
6 Beyond Conception
7 Unequaled Light
8 Ultimate Shelter
9 Lord of Blazing Light
10 Great One Worthy of Offerings
11 Light of Purity
12 Light of Joy
13 Great Consolation
14 Light of Wisdom
15 Uninterrupted Light
16 Inconceivable Light
17 Inexpressible Light
18 Light that Surpasses the Sun and Moon
19 One who is without Equal
20 One of the Vast Assembly
21 Oceanlike Great Mind
22 Supremely Honored One
23 Power of Nondiscrimination
24 Power of the Great Mind
25 Inexpressible Buddha
26 Bhagavat
27 One of the Hall
28 Pure One who Broadly Grasps All Beings
29 Honored-one beyond Conceptual Understanding
30 One of the Bodhi-tree
31 Truly Immeasurable One
32 Music of Purity
33 Store of Virtues Fulfilled through the Primal Vow
34 One Imbued with Purity
35 Treasury of Virtues
36 Ultimately Honored One
37 Inconceivable Light

The Commentary on the Ten Bodhisattva Stages states:

Immeasurable virtue
I offer praise

The one of purity
I take refuge

The one freely working
I pay homage