Collected Works of Shinran

Additional Hymns of Lament on the Term Hotoke


The Tathagata of Zenko-ji temple,
Taking pity on us,
Came to Naniwa Bay [in the form of a statue].
At that time Moriya, not knowing the word “Buddha,”

Applied the expression, “sick with fever” – hotoorike,
Insinuating that the Tathagata
Was causing an epidemic; Moriya’s followers
All used the term hotoorike.


To bring people to use this expression, “sick with fever,”
Moriya shortened it to hotoke.
Thus, all nonbuddhists of the time
Adopted this term for the Tathagata.


All Buddhists of the present,
Following Moriya’s usage,
Call the Tathagata hotoke, and on the basis of this,
Regard monks and dharma-teachers with contempt.


Because his wrong views had no bound,
The Minister Moriya of Yuge
Shortened the word to hotoke
In order to bring all the people to use it.