Amidst a world undergoing constant and far-reaching change, it is difficult to know what may be taken as the foundation for our lives and how we should carry on our existence. In every age and in all societies, however, it is the true and real teaching that genuinely guides us; nothing else suffices.

Through such writings as the True Teaching, Practice, and Realization of the Pure Land Way, Shinran Shonin clarified the teaching of the Primal Vow of Amida Buddha. This teaching is not restricted in its relevance, but unfailingly becomes meaningful for any person who reflects deeply on human existence. For at heart is the wish to guide all human beings, transcending differences of nationality, ethnicity, and race, to truly fruitful lives. Amida Buddha calls to us, who are inclined to enclose ourselves within our own husks, to awaken to that which is true and real.

The publication of the Collected Works of Shinran is a joyous occasion. The work of translation is difficult, for the understanding required extends to various underlying differences in culture and practices. This work, carried on through the efforts of many persons, is now published in comprehensive form.

It is my hope that, through The Collected Works of Shinran, even one more person may encounter the Shin Buddhist teaching and gain insight into the life of the nembutsu.

Ohtani Koshin
Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha