Collected Works of Shinran

1 Tathagata’s Primal Vow is spreading

That the Tathagata’s Primal Vow is spreading is indeed splendid and gladdening above all else. In this, however, there must never be any arguing, person with person in each locality, while adhering to one’s own view. In the capital also there seems to be much arguing over such matters as “once-calling” and “many-calling”; this should never take place at all.

Ultimately, you should read carefully and constantly such writings as Essentials of Faith Alone, On the Afterlife, and Self-power and Other Power, and not diverge from their message. Please tell this to all people, wherever they may be. Further, if there are matters that are unclear, since I am still alive today, please take the trouble of coming to see me. Or you may ask someone to deliver a message. Please be sure to relate all of this to the people of Kashima, Namekata, and the neighboring areas also. In such disputation over once-calling and many-calling, merely futile and argumentative words are voiced. You should by all means avoid it.


People who do not understand these matters discuss things of little significance. You should avoid such arguments by all means.

Second month, 3rd day