Collected Works of Shinran

Reply to Kakushin-bo

I have received your letter of the fourth month, 7th day, on the 26th of the fifth month and have read it carefully. As to the matter you raise, although the one moment of shinjin and the one moment of nembutsu are two, there is no nembutsu separate from shinjin, nor is the one moment of shinjin separate from the one moment of nembutsu. The reason is that the practice of nembutsu is to say it perhaps once, perhaps ten times, on hearing and realizing that birth into the Pure Land is attained by saying the Name fulfilled in the Primal Vow. To hear this Vow and be completely without doubt is the one moment of shinjin. Thus, although shinjin and nembutsu are two, since shinjin is to hear and not doubt that you are saved by only a single pronouncing, which is the fulfillment of practice, there is no shinjin separate from nembutsu; this is the teaching I have received. You should know further that there can be no nembutsu separate from shinjin. Both should be understood to be Amida’s Vow. Nembutsu and shinjin on our part are themselves the manifestation of the Vow.


If you are well, by all means please come to visit me in Kyoto.

Fifth month, 28th day


Reply to Kakushin-bo

I am heartened to learn that Senshin-bo is now staying near Kyoto.
Also, I wish to acknowledge your gift of 300 mon, which I humbly accept.

[Shinran Shonin’s Reply, Kencho 8 {1256},
Fifth month, 28th day]