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You ask about “being grasped never to be abandoned.” Shan-tao’s Hymns [on the Samadhi] of All Buddhas’ Presence states that Sakyamuni and Amida are our parents of great compassion; using many and various compassionate means, they awaken the supreme shinjin in us. Thus the settling of true shinjin is the working of Sakyamuni and Amida. Persons become free of doubt about their birth because they have been grasped. Once grasped, there should be no calculation at all. Since they dwell in the stage of nonretrogression until being born in the Pure Land, they are said to be in the stage of the truly settled.

Since true shinjin is awakened through the working of the two honored ones, Sakyamuni and Amida, it is when one is grasped that the settling of shinjin occurs. Thereafter the person abides in the stage of the truly settled until born into the Pure Land. Other Power means above all that there must not be the slightest calculation on our part.


Tenth month, 6th day


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